In an interview with Karl Urban, he tells IGN about his next project which will see his return to television in Almost Human. It’s the lead in the new FOX series from Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman, which is produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot. He also has a clause in his contract for Almost Human that allows him to participate in the next Star Trek film when it goes into production.
When asked who he’d like to see come in and direct Star Trek 3, he replied, “J.J. Abrams.”
“Look that’s a hard one,” he continued, “because J.J. has set the bar so high and he is just a unique filmmaker. There’s no doubt about it. That being said, I look forward and welcome a fresh take, a new energy. If anything I think that J.J. is an inspiring individual, he’s an inspiring director and he’s going to push his contemporary to be better than they are. Because they’re going to have to be. So whoever takes on the mantle of the next Star Trek is going to do a good job.”
He did not speculate on who an interesting or appropriate director should be for the next Star Trek film should JJ Abrams not be available. Urban was sure that Paramount would want to have a movie out by the time of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek in 2016.
As to what he’d like to see for the third film, Urban said, “What I really believe we should do now is strive for originality. Because in Star Trek Into Darkness we took one of the most revered and loved adversaries of the Enterprise and put him in there, and did a story that had all of these wonderful nods to films from the past, and episodes from the past. I really think that what we should do from here, in my personal opinion, is strive to be original. Strive to be something different and new. You know, let’s not forget that Star Trek as envisioned was about space exploration. And it would be really wonderful to harness the spirit of that and apply it to the next film so that we do something different than a revenge-based picture.”
Source IGN