AWGThe Alameda Writers Group brings together writers, screenwriters, poets, freelancers, producers, directors and educators. AWG was founded in 1992 at NBC studios in Burbank, California.

On Saturday 12 July, 2014 at Glendale Central Library, the AWG will host talks with an number of authors and directors including:

  • “These Are The Voyages” Author Marc Cushman.
  • Star Trek actor, also a screen writer and author, Walter Koenig
  • Writer and producer, Mark Altman
  • Star Trek writer, director and producer, John D.F. Black

The talks will be hosted by Access Hollywood’s Scott Mantz.

Marc Cushman has been chosen to receive the SATURN SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD for his recent books These are the Voyages: TOS: Season One and These are the Voyages: TOS: Season Two which are published by Jacobs Brown Press.

The Meeting starts at 10 am and is FREE to the public.

3 hours of free parking are available at the Marketplace parking structure across the street from the library. Be sure to bring in your ticket for validation at the front desk.

10 AM – 12 NOON

Glendale Central Library

222 E. Harvard St.

Glendale, CA  91205


Visit the AWG website here