Joe CornishAttack the Block director Joe Cornish is in the frame to direct the next Star Trek movie, the third in the recent series of reboots masterminded by JJ Abrams. Due to his commitments on Star Wars, Abrams recently confirmed he would not return to direct Star Trek 3 despite the success of the second instalment, Into Darkness, and Cornish has now emerged as the frontrunner to replace him, according to Deadline.

Cornish made waves with his 2011 debut, Attack the Block, which rose above its relatively limited budget of £8m to pull off some impressive special effects sequences. Though he has not directed since, he secured writing jobs on major Hollywood productions The Adventures of Tintin and Ant-Man, directed by Steven Spielberg and Edgar Wright respectively. He is also working on an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s dystopian sci-fi novel Snow Crash.

Star Trek 3 is due to begin shooting in the middle part of 2014.

Original article The Guardian