STID London 25JJ Abrams has said if there is a third Star Trek film he would produce the movie, and would love to direct again.

He said: “No matter what if there is a third film Bad Robot and I will be producing the film, so we’ll definitely be involved in it.”

“Depending on schedules I’ll see if I’m able to direct it but it would be a very bittersweet thing to have someone else direct these amazing actors – it was an incredible privilege to do so.”

He said of making the sequel: “You’re always nervous. You’re always hoping people like the film and that everything works out.”

“But I really do feel like this group is so extraordinary … one of the reasons I wanted to do the sequel at all was the chance to work with everyone here again.”

He also praised Benedict Cumberbatch who appears in Star Trek Into Darkness, saying: “He’s an extraordinary talent, one of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen.”

Original source Yahoo Movies UK