Star Trek Starfleet Academy #4 coverIDW Publishing have released a new five part story arc called Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, with issue 4 in March. The comic follows Kirk, Spock, Uhura and some surprise faces while they are still cadets-in-training at Starfleet Academy, set in the period just prior to the opening of the 2009 mega-hit film.

The hit new series continues here as our all new cast of cadets sets off on their first mission in space and headlong into a century-old mystery that could change the Academy forever. Meanwhile, Uhura risks her career in Starfleet with her only chance at redemption coming from a most unlikely place.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy #4 retail incentive coverWritten by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott. The art and cover are by Derek Charm.

There are two variant covers, one featuring Robert Wilson IV and the other by David Malan.