Star Trek Countdown Collection Volume 2IDW Publishing are set to release Star Trek: Countdown Collection, Vol. 2 in June. This collection is written by Mike Johnson, with art by David Messina, Claudia Balboni and Luca Lamberti. The cover art is again by John Watson. The collection gathers together stories leading up to Star Trek Into Darkness.

Leading into the movie, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, the crew of the ENTERPRISE becomes embroiled in a decades-old conflict between two factions of indigenous people on a remote planet. The flames of their conflict have been fanned by the unexpected presence of a former captain of the ENTERPRISE, long presumed dead. Plus, witness the shocking origin of Khan Noonien Singh from his earliest years through his rise to power during the epic Eugenics Wars and behold the events that led to his escape from Earth aboard the Botany Bay.

Star Trek: Countdown Collection, Vol. 2 will have 200 pages.

Released on 21 June, 2016. Pre-order from Amazon US

Released on 23 June, 2016. Pre-order from Amazon UK

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