May 29, barely two weeks after Star Trek Into Darkness opens, IDW will unveil Star Trek After Darkness, an official, in-canon comic-book sequel that picks up right where Star Trek Into Darkness leaves off.
Star Trek After Darkness will be written by Mike Johnson, who’s currently represented by IDW’s Countdown to Darkness, and it will be overseen by Roberto Orci, co-writer and co-producer of Star Trek Into Darkness. Orci has also overseen Countdown to Darkness. The events of Star Trek After Darkness will occur across Issues #21-23 of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series.
“We are thrilled to follow up Star Trek Into Darkness with this exclusive story in the ongoing comic series,” said Star Trek editor Scott Dunbier.
“As with our prequel Countdown to Darkness, having Mr Orci overseeing After Darkness ensures that the events in the comic seamlessly continue from the events of the film.”
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