imageOn April 6, 1967, ‘The City on the Edge of Forever‘ debuted on NBC. It has been nearly 47 years and it’s one of Star Trek‘s most-popular episodes among the fans. It’s topped numerous lists, including TV Guide, IGN, Entertainment Weekly and countless others. It received the 1968 Hugo Award and a SAG Award for ‘Most Outstanding Teleplay’. Despite it’s awards and acclaim, controversy has swirled around this beloved episode for nearly five decades.

A love story at its core, Gene Roddenberry rewrote Harlan Ellison’s version for the telecast and fans have never seen his true vision, until now. Thanks to IDW, ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’  is finally going to be told as it should have been. With writer’s Scott and David Tipton teaming-up with Harlan Ellison, IDW is releasing this classic  remastering in a five-part graphic novel, that will be available in June. This is sure to be an epic event and fans are going to see the story as it’s never been told before.

Also-along, for this brand-new telling, is artist JK Woodward (who teamed-up with Scott and David Tipton, for last years phenomenal TNG/Doctor Who crossover -series, ‘ASSIMILATION2’), and Juan Ortiz, who’ll be doing covers for each issue. This is destined to be a tremendous series for IDW, as-well-as, Harlan Ellison (who will be celebrating his 80th birthday, in June, when it’s set to release); as he will see his story told the exact way he’s always envisioned  it.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what they’ve created. Maybe, Mr. Ellison will finally have some peace, after all of the turmoil he’s endured these many decades. Maybe…JJ Abrams and Roberto Orci would consider giving ‘City on the Edge of Forever’  a look, for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, in 2016..?

Lt. Eric Cone