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This month we have a very special interview about a very special project with friends of the show Keith R. A. DeCandido & J.K Woodward.

Since 2004, Keith has been chronicling the adventures of Torin ban Wyvald, Danthres Tresyllione, and the rest of the Castle Guard as they try to maintain law and order in the port town of Cliff’s End, a city-state that is filled with humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and wizards. These fantasy police procedurals were referred to by one reviewer as “Dungeons & Dragnet,” and have gotten acclaim from sources ranging from respected magazines to review blogs.

Dragon-PrecinctEach story sees the detectives of the Castle Guard — aided by the M.E. (the magical examiner, a mage on loan from the Brotherhood of Wizards, who casts a “peel-back” spell on a crime scene) — solving a crime that happens within the demesne of Cliff’s End, dealing with lying witnesses, multiple suspects, jurisdictional issues involving the Brotherhood, and the politics of the city-state.

Now, with the tenth anniversary of Dragon Precinct’s debut fast approaching, Keith wants to tell a new story of Danthres and Torin in a new format: a graphic novel.

During the show Keith and J.K will tell about the Kick Starter campaign,how much they want to raise, how the money will be spent and what you will receive when you contribute to the project. We at the Holodeck think this is a great project and we urge everyone if you can to support the campaign.

You can find out more about Dragon Precinct at Kick Starter.

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