Something truly spectacular has happened, and I have got to tell you about it…
I just recently-read the awesome crossover-series Star Trek: The Next Generation and Dr Who, titled-’ASSIMILATION²’ from IDW and, I must say, I AM BLOWN-AWAY!
THIS, my friends, IS-what comics are all about. Not-since the 80′s, with DC Comics’ SUPERMAN-reboot, by John Byrnes, have I been so thoroughly impressed. Back-then, it seemed-like, time just crawled; waiting…waiting…for that next issue; (there were 6 issues in that SUPERMAN series-relaunch, an-eternity, to an anxious young-teen) Times have changed, considerably, since-those days, and my wait was only, a few minutes, as I downloaded it onto my iPhone.

I have to admit this, though, before I go any further… When I saw the first crossover-issue of TNG and Dr Who, I thought: “You’ve got to be kidding… Really.” I turned them down, without a second-glance and didn’t look back. I had zero interest, in it. But-then…I listened to The Holodeck podcast #4 and, Michael Clark’s interview with JK Woodward-(Michael’s 1st interview, btw and, I must say, truly brilliant); I was caught up in their excitement and, I could tell by JK’s story, not-to-mention, the enthusiasm, expressed by, both-the host and, guest, that this was something special, something that only comes-along, every-once in a blue…POLICE BOX..? So…I took their word for it, downloaded the first volume, and… Man!! WOW! It was comic-book NIRVANA!

The story, by Scott and David Tipton-(Scott AND JK are interviewed by Mr Clark on pod #17 of The Holodeck) is a masterpiece, bringing two of the most-enduring franchises together for the first time ever. This was no small feat, friends; this was something fans had been clamouring for, for years…decades…eons! Well, you get the point.

You don’t have to be a fan, to enjoy this blending of genres, either; it’s told in such a way, that you just get it, you know who these characters are, from the get-go. I hadn’t seen a Dr Who episode, since-I was a kid, (Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker were the Dr.s I remembered watching) and I was sure I’d be lost… Not a chance. These guys nailed it. And-what a brilliant story they have for you. Great bits of humour, run-rampant throughout, as well; I was laughing out loud! There are some great one-liners…

Then-there is the breathtaking artwork of JK Woodward… This guy is truly phenomenal! His paintings are awe-inspiring…the likenesses, (of ALL of the characters), are simply remarkable and his attention to detail is bar-none; the best I have ever seen in a comic. Panel, after-panel…I just cannot sing this man’s praises high enough. I have been collecting comics, since the early-70′s and, NOTHING, comes close to the ‘love for the craft’ expressed in JK’s images. (If I remember correctly, I believe, JK says it takes him, about-20 hours, per page…) You must see his work, for yourself, to understand MY passion, for it. Please-do yourself a favour and buy this amazing series. You will not be disappointed…

The story brings, not-only, Picard and crew, together-with Dr Who and his two travelling companions, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, but it brings forth the series’ two greatest foes: the Cybermen and the Borg Collective. They have joined forces and are seeking nothing less than the total assimilation/conversion of everyone, and everything, in every universe.

We’re at Delta IV, in the opening of Issue-1, where the joint Cybermen/Borg invasion-force is bringing the planet under its heel and, a major evacuation is taking place…
We, then-find the Doctor in Ancient Egypt in a chariot, with Rory driving and Amy, holding-on for dear life, as they are being pursued by the pharaoh’s guard. In the palace, Dr Who unmasks the Vizier, (an escaped alien criminal, who landed in Egypt, decades-earlier), dispatching him to Visendi Detention Complex. Then-Dr. Who and his mates leave Earth’s past in the T.A.R.D.I.S., which…ends-up on the USS ENTERPRISE D, in the holodeck; (a Dixon Hill-program is running and Riker, Crusher and Data are inside…)

The two casts meet and so begins this volumes telling of how the Cybermen and the Borg have come together, how they plan to dominate the universes and what it means for Picard. Guinan is a big part of the story, as she and the Doctor are kindred-spirits, in all-things, time-related, but-they SHOULDN’T be; as we have seen before, in ‘Yesterday’s Enterprise,’ Guinan just KNOWS things, she’s in-tune with the ebb and flow of time and it’s wise to listen to her counsel.

As this volume progresses, we see that something has gone wrong; the Cybermen and the Borg are now, at-war, and the Borg are losing. The Enterprise comes upon a recent battle, finding all of Borg ships completely destroyed, and-the Cybermen, at high-warp… Destination: the Delta Quadrant and, the Borg homeworld…where the Cybermen plan to finish them off.

In-the-meantime, the Borg contact Picard/Locutus to seek a truce, to join forces with the Enterprise and put an end to the Cybermen. Picard wants absolutely-nothing to do with it; he’s content to let the Borg and the Cybermen fight it out. Picard leaves no room for argument, or-debate, on the matter. The Doctor is vociferously frustrated by the captain’s staunch attitude and his flat-out refusal, to even-hear the Borg’s proposals…
“As I said, Doctor, there is no Locutus, nor-will there be a truce. The Borg will receive no assistance from me.”
–To Be Continued…

Like-I said…this is a spectacular series and you really must treat yourself. I did leave a surprise-section missing here, but I thought it would be fun, for you, to find it during your reading, as I did. This is Dr Who, after-all, so…who knows, Who-might, show-up…
Later, friend(s)

Written by Eric Gator1

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