Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid.

The After Darkness 3 issue story begins here! The hit ongoing Star Trek series picks up right where this year’s blockbuster sequel Star Trek Into Darkness leaves off! Don’t miss the all-new adventures of the crew as they go boldly into the unknown, in a story overseen by Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci!

The events of Star Trek After Darkness will occur across Issues #21-23 of IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series

Here’s where I have to apologize to IDW Publishing. I’m sorry. Really… See-I figured, we’d not hear another-peep about Capt. Robert April and his fate, but-imagine my surprise…

I was right about the Klingons, though. They are mad as Hell and they’re already making plans for war. They blame Kirk for the slaughter of the warriors, (that John Harrison/Khan killed) on their own home soil and they have vowed vengeance against Kirk and the Federation. (We lost a redshirt, Hendorff/”Cupcake” on that ill-fated trip to Qo’nos, as well as all of the dead in London and San Francisco.)

Robert-AprilWe find Captain Kirk at Starfleet Security visiting the ‘dead’ Captain April, in his holding-cell. Capt. April tells Kirk, of his, and Adm. Marcus’ involvement on Phaedus, in Section 31′s plans to carry out Marcus’ orders, the override system that was installed on BOTH ships, plus-how Kirk was diverted to Phaedus, so that April could steal Kirk’s Enterprise. He leads us to believe that Marcus may have implemented other plans, not just John Harrison… Kirk leaves April to stew, while he departs for the Enterprise’s 5 yr. mission.

We see the Enterprise awaiting departure and we hear Captain Kirk reciting the ode: ‘Space…the final frontier…’ and-Bones, implying that Kirk didn’t write it. The ship’s crew is getting ready to leave; Bones has informed Kirk that sickbay is empty and he’s still concerned that Jim may have side-effects from Khan’s life-saving blood-transfusion. Kirk assures McCoy that everything, EVERYONE is fine…

Spock is going bonkers in his quarters… He’s destroying the place. Uhura comes in and tries to offer comfort, but Spock really loses it on her and Uhura’s left with no alternative, but-to drop him, with a hypospray. (And, she is NOT a happy girlfriend, either.) In sickbay, Bones is monitoring an unconscious Spock, with Nyota and Kirk, as well as Carol Marcus. (I’m not sure how I feel about Carol’s posting on the Enterprise, yet. She’s a rogue element and doesn’t fit…) We find out that Spock is suffering from Pon Farr and the Vulcan mating ritual must be performed; but how will this transpire, with the ‘old’ Vulcan destroyed?

Spock-Crazy-MadThe Enterprise departs for New Vulcan, where Kirk assigns, a surprised, but-eager Scotty, the Conn, while he, Spock, Uhura and Carol Marcus beam down to the planet and meet up with Sarek, and…his betrothed??? Will it be T’Pring? We’re left to wait for the next issue… (Again…Uhura isn’t very pleased with this ‘betrothed’-person, stepping-up to the plate.)

Meanwhile, on Romulus, we see, presumably, the Praetor discussing secret plans for wiping out the Klingon empire, with a shady Section 31 operative…and we’re left there, to wait for the next-issue.

All-in-all, I liked the story and it’s filling-in, of the few unaddressed-points, leftover from Countdown to Darkness, regarding Capt. April. We are now left to assume, that there may be more surprises, than just Khan, coming for the ship, crew and her ‘new’ captain. We see that Kirk is totally on-game, now, and-Spock is right by his side. (Well…as soon as we cure him of the blood fever, anyway…) We see the crew meshing, even more, too.

Klingon-After-DarknessIs it just me, or-is Nyota Uhura kick-ass, in this universe? I like her a lot! She’s being portrayed/written, (finally)-like the only-girl, in a houseful of boys. She has to be tough, undaunted and totally professional, yet she has compassion for every single person on that ship. And she NEVER loses a battle, in her and Spock’s ongoing relationship; which-is, growing on me; I had trouble with their story line, at first.

I would’ve liked a little better quality in the likenesses of the characters; some of them, were just ‘off’ and it distracts from the reading, to me. But-overall, this was a good comic and a nice beginning-sequel for Into Darkness. Just one thing IDW, we’ve seen the Klingons, in the film, now-can we PLEASE get rid of those damn helmets?
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