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Looks like the MCM group have another event in the making! This 29th – 30th June the MCM group bring you a Manchester Film and Comic Con, called Heroes for Sale. The event will take place at EventCity, just round the corner from the Trafford Centre.

So far the event looks like it could be huge, the exhibition area alone already has several things lined up such as:

  • Mos eisley cantina themed bar / grab a drink on Tattooine,
  • A selection of Film related replicas from all the best prop makers in the business
  • A Star Wars area which will feature various full scale and screen used props
  • The cars the star which features a selection of car icons including:
    Back to the Future Delorean
    Ghostbusters Ecto 1
    Transformers Optimus prime
    Selection of Bond Cars
  • Doctor Who: A dedicated area celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic doctor
  • Star Trek: To boldly go where no show has gone before! A selection of screen used props and prop replicas with apparently something special to still be announced!

The show is also going to try for a world record for the largest lightsabre battle and has the Robots Live championships too alongside a cosplay and gaming area so no matter what aspect of shows you like it seems like there’ll be something here for you!

So far the confirmed guest list looks like this:

  • Doug Jones
  • Claudia Christian
  • Ernie Hudson
  • Dave Prowse
  • Kenny Baker
  • Colin Baker
  • Rusty Goffe
  • Brian Muir
  • Pam Rose
  • Andy Herd
  • Chris Masters

Tickets are available on sale here. Early entry is £20 per day, standard is £15 per day and a full weekend pass will cost you £25.

This looks like one event to keep your eyes open for.


Written by Bunny Summers

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