Rene Auberjonois who starred as Odo in Star Trek Deep Space Nine is starring in a new film called The Blood Stripe. Co-written and directed by Remy Auberjonois, the film is a dramatic psychological thriller about a female Marine veteran and the struggle to come home.

The Blood Stripe have today started a Kickstarter campaign to help complete the film.

Kate Nowlin who stars as the lead character in the film also co-wrote the film with Remy Auberjonois.


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Kate Nowlin, Tom Lipinski, Chris Sullivan, Rusty Schwimmer, Ashlie Atkinson, Ken Marks, Louis Jenkins and Rene Auberjonois

They hope to raise $65,000 to help complete final elements of production, post-production and delivery of the film.

The Blood StripeThe Blood Stripe are also offering some great rewards for people who back the film. Here are a few of them:

  • $1 – A note of THANKS! Every contributor will receive a personal thank you email from the team!
  • $10 – We’ll give you a shout out on Twitter and follow you!
  • $30 – A digital download of The Blood Stripe upon its commercial release. Watch the movie that you helped bring to the screen!
  • $50 – An exclusive download of a specially produced Behind-the-Scenes FEATURETTE from the set of The Blood Stripe. In addition to the film, get a deeper look into the making of the film and the artistry of the people involved.
  • $100 – A SIGNED PHOTO POSTCARD. A still from the film, unique to this campaign, of a cast member of your choice! (+ all of the above)
  • $200 – BOTH Albums! “Live at First Ave” AND “Dark So Gold”! It’s an indie music and film extravaganza. So really, all of the above.
  • $400 – Script consultation with the producers at Tandem Pictures (producers of The Blood Stripe and other successful independent films – including 2014 Sundance favorite The Sleepwalker, a current IFC release). You will receive professional coverage of your screenplay and a 1 hour consultation (in person or on Skype). Tandem does not accept unsolicited work, so take this opportunity while you can!
  • $750 – Attend PREMIERE of The Blood Stripe and your name in the “Special Thanks!” (Best efforts for world premiere, depending on festival acceptance/distribution. Alternatively, US or regional premiere. Travel, lodging, and expenses not included.)
  • $1,250 – You are invited to LUNCH with film and TV legend Rene Auberjonois and Writer/Director of The Blood Stripe, Remy Auberjonois. (LA/NY only. Travel, lodging, and other expenses not included) (+ all rewards at the $100 level)
  • $2,500 – You are invited to a MEAL with film and TV legend Rene Auberjonois, TO BE JOINED BY A SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUEST: Nana Visitor, Armin Shimmerman, Ethan Philips, OR John Delancie. (LA/NY only. Travel, lodging, and other expenses not included.) (+ all rewards at the $100 level)

To find out more and to back the project visit their Kickstarter project

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