Robert Beltran latest project will see him star in new sci-fi film Resilient 3D. This is Beltran’s first adventure back in the sci-fi world since Star Trek Voyager finished in 2001.

Dermot Turner is a spaceship engineer working on a solar sail concept at a research campus on Mars while Earth is on her final days, ravaged by natural disasters and the arrival of planet X in the Solar System. Dermot, whose wife Claire has died in a tornado in California, returns to Earth to battle the elements, rescue his friends and family, and build a space sail ship in time to depart Earth and find a way to stay alive, forever resilient.

MonteCristo International Entertainment has set up a Kickstarter to help fund the film. The money raised will allow them to deliver the quality of visual effects they have envisioned for the film. Most sets include a green screen that will be removed in post to show the Mars landscapes and environments. There are over 170 VFX, holographic and CGI to render the amazing journey from Earth to Mars to Europa.
The film is written and will be directed by Michael Taverna.

Cast members include:
Robert Beltran, Virginia Madsen, Miguel Sandoval, John Diehl, Ayelet Zurer
They hope to raise $200,000 to help complete the visual effects of the film.
They are also offering some great rewards for people who back Resilient 3D. Here are a few of them:

  • GRATITUDE – Our gratitude & access to the exclusive Kickstarter Supporter updates throughout the production on our website. – $1
  • BIG THANKS – You’ll receive a big “Thank you” on our FaceBook page and our Wall of Tribute on the website. And access to the exclusive Kickstarter Supporter updates on our web site. – $5
  • PDF – You’ll receive a high-resolution PDF of the movie poster (did you notice that is Robert Beltran!). All Previous perks included. – $15
  • STREAMING SPECIAL – Exclusive Kickstarter Supporter streaming HD version of the film. Plus all previous perks. – $50
  • 45-minute Skype chat with writer/director/producer Michael Taverna to discuss financing, production and distribution. – $250
  • 20 minute Skype chat with Robert Beltran! – $250
  • ON-SET CHAT – A 15-minute video chat via ooVoo with the cast while on the set shooting RESILIENT 3D. – $350
  • SIGNED POSTER w/ BLU-RAY – Receive a 2-D movie poster signed by Robert Beltran. Plus the PDF Special and exclusive Kickstarter Supporter Blu-Ray. – $500
  • SET VISIT – Visit the set in Montreal, Canada (travel & lodging not included), plus receive a “Kickstarter Supporter” credit in the end credits of the Film. – $1,000
  • LUNCH – Have lunch with Robert Beltran in Los Angeles (travel & lodging not included) and receive an “Executive Kickstarter Supporter” credit in the end credits of the Film. – $5,000

For more details on rewards and to support the project visit their Kickstarter page
Twitter: @Resilient3D
Visit their website: