Manu Intiraymi, Radical 3D and Bayou Pictures are making a Sci Fi feature film trilogy called “Praetor.” They have a setup a Indiegogo campaign to help fund the movie.

“Think “Star Wars”, meets “Game of Thrones”, but it’ll look like “Sin City”- an epic story based on actual early Roman history! Super cool.” Manu Intiraymi on the project.

Praetor is an independent Sci-fi feature set 5000 years in the future as mankind is locked in a perpetual battle with a species known as the Transients.

They have an entire universe setup as the framework for a trio of Sci-Fi Action films. With all the visual effects they are firm believers that an enjoyable movie that stands up to time is one that has an exciting, relatable story performed by high quality actors and actresses.

They are looking to cast 2 leads and 6 supporting actors. With this being a independent film they need a bit of help to afford the actors they would want to make the film.

They are looking to raise $150,000 to supplement their budget for the sole purpose of acquiring and paying for quality actors to make their film. With every dollar contributed, the less reliance on financiers and pre-sales they have and the more freedom they will have to make the film they want to make!

Praetor MovieTheir production is tentatively scheduled to begin shooting in September 2014, for completion and delivery by May 2015.

They are also offering some great rewards for people who back Praetor. Here are a few of them:

  • Postcard – $5 – A postcard hand delivered by a postage handling specialist featuring artwork from the Republic, thanking you for your contribution.
  • DVD – $25 – You will receive a completed audio/visual record of the production upon its completion.
  • T-Shirt – $30 – Your support of this production is noted, and you will receive a garment indicating such.
  • Bound Screenplay – $50 – You will receive a bound transcription of all the events that occurred during the production as recorded by authorized production personnel.
  • Production Stills – $75 – You will be authorized to receive and view classified production photography.
  • Autographed VFX Still – $100 – You will receive a framed reconstituted sensor image from the production, notarized by the sensor technician responsible for its generation.
  • Autographed Bundle – $250 – You will receive a poster, garment, and transcript. These items will be duly notarized by members of the production. (Cast & Crew)
  • Prop Armament – $1,000 – By agreement of the Magistrate, you will receive one man portable, demilitarized personal weapon for display purposes in your collection.
  • Glory – $5,000 – You will be transferred to the Legion for immediate combat operations during the production. (Air transportation to the set is not included)
  • Tattoo – $150,000 – Their director will tattoo your name on his ass.

For more details on rewards and to support the project visit their Indiegogo campaign page



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