Haynes USS Enterprise Press-Out & Build 3From the Haynes manual series comes the USS Enterprise Press-Out & Build Manual. The USS Enterprise is the most famous starship in history. The vessels that have carried the name have saved the galaxy countless times and her captains, including Archer, Kirk, and Picard, have gone down in history.

Product description:

Looking to buy the ultimate gift for a devout Star trek fan? They’ll set their expression to stunned when they get open this Haynes manual! Thumb through the first half of this book to get bombarded with fascinating facts and trivia titbits about the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, as it was captained by James T. Kirk in the original TV series. Once you’ve read up on your warp cores, phasers and photon torpedoes, turn to the back pages and press out the cardboard pieces. Once you’ve got them all, follow the instructions to fold, tuck and connect the bits to create a marvellous model of the original constitution class starship that started one of the most loved sci-fi series of all time.
  • Star Trek trivia manual
  • Builds a model of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (original series)
  • Facts and information about the ship
  • Press-out cardboard model pieces
  • Assembled ship 50cm long

Haynes USS Enterprise Press-Out & Build 1 Haynes USS Enterprise Press-Out & Build 2

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