Majel Barrett and Gene Roddenberry Star TrekGene and Majel Barrett Roddenberry will take one final voyage in November 2014, when their ashes are launched in space.

Star Trek actor James Doohan’s ashes launched into space in May 2012, using Celestis, Inc., the leading company doing memorial spaceflights.

“Fulfilling a pledge made to Majel in 1995, Celestis, Inc. will launch my mother and my father together, side-by-side, on an infinite journey into deep space aboard their Voyager Memorial Spaceflight Service. The spacecraft is currently planned for launch in 2012 and it will carry their spirits, their memories, and the message of their life’s work into the cosmos.” Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry speaking in 2009.

In 1997, Majel looked to Celestis to fly a portion of Gene Roddenberry’s remains towards the cosmos on Celestis’ first memorial spaceflight, The Founders Flight.

“We were deeply honoured to fly Gene Roddenberry – and Star Trek actor James Doohan – on previous missions. Now, we look forward to fulfilling Majel Roddenberry’s wish by launching Gene and Majel on their own, personal star trek … deep into the final frontier.” Celestis spokesman said.

Original source Celestis Memorial Spaceflights