From the yesterday (3rd May. 2013) you can now get a personalised Star Trek email addresses. Fans can choose to be a Starfleet officer with, be stationed on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 with the, explore the Final Frontier with, or choose to take part in all three.

_to-boldly-go-panelGet the ultimate in email addresses and show your friends and family how much you love STAR TREK with your email address!


_starfleet-panelAn email address that no self-respecting Starfleet cadet or officer can do without. Make sure you get your email address today!


_ncc1701Become a member of the USS Enterprise and acquire your crew credentials with the email address!


Each email address is $15 annually and includes unlimited email storage, an anti-spam and anti-virus service along with choice of webmail or desktop clients.

Visit Star Trek to get your personalized Star Trek email address!

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