FCD 2016 Out of the Ashes bannerFCD Events have announced a special one day gathering for April 2, 2016. The event is called “FCD Out Of The Ashes”. This is free for all current FCD 2016 ticket holders after they had postponed the event until April 2017.

The event will be held at the Park Inn Hotel Telford.

Guests appearing at the event are:

UDem_13_044.jpg Aron_Eisenberg John Carrigan Claudia_Christian

JG Hertzler, Aron Eisenberg, John Carrigan and Claudia Christian

The day will be a normal con style day with talks, signings, photos and other fun stuff

Early evening time around 6pm there will be a meal with wine and our guests which will cost £22.50 per head

Then from 8pm we will have a party like no other with a Karaoke hosted by JG Himself!!
The party will end when the last person falls over!

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