Larry Dr Trek Show posterLarry Nemecek is a guest at Sci Fi Scarborough this weekend (9-10 April) and will be hosting his first UK Dr. Trek Show on Saturday night at The Crescent Hotel Scarborough. The event is in support of The Con of Wrath documentary which Larry has been working on.

Larry will also have a Con-Eve Trekland Meetup at the Crescent Hotel bar on Friday the 8th April at 8pm.

I have a few Larry Nemecek’s Trekland surprises (including a reading), we’ll have a PRIZE DRAWING among those there… and, most of all, you’ll be on hand for the European live debut of my new project for fans—never heard across the pond before!

The Dr. Trek show will take place at the Crescent Hotel on Saturday night at 8pm – 10pm. Here is all the information you need from the Facebook page.

Hey SciFi Scarborough Treklanders and indie film fans alike!

Please join me early Saturday night 9 April for a bit of history: It’s the show I’ve done from Dusseldorf and Vegas to San Diego, Seattle, Orlando, Indy, Phoenix, Austin and many more …
But never in the U.K. — and never in a theatre!

Yes, here’s your chance to experience my “The Con of Wrath” documentary crowdfunder event—otherwise known as The Dr. Trek Show!

Nearly two hours of interspersed prize trivia, rare Trek video and NEW celeb clips for my work-in-process… with the likes of Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Wende Doohan, Harve Bennett, Laura Banks, Starlog magazine’s legendary Kerry O’Quinn…

We are into the last year of work on The Con of Wrath, my emerging doc on the most glorious failure in Star Trek history—or was it?: The original Trek cast, nationwide fans and stalwart Houston staff all made sure “the show must go on” on the weekend that melted down so famously, two weeks after Star Trek II opened back in June 1982.

This show is an amazing time to see stuff you’ll likely never see elsewhere.

SPACE IS LIMITED, so please get tickets in advance:

£10 Each—via EMAIL …
OR PHONE: 01723 360 929 at the Crescent Hotel.
Depending on space remaining by con time, you can also get tickets at my Sci-Fi Scarborough table on Saturday as well. (Of course, a “GOING” vote here on Facebook is *much* appreciated for planning.)

There’s no other con event anywhere quite like it—plus, you do your bit for history AND your own edification and funny bone.

Click “Going”, get your tickets, and of course PLEASE share…!

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