New from QMx is the first starship Enterprise – U.S.S. Enterprise XCV-330.
The USS Enterprise (XCV-330), previously the UESP Enterprise (7) and also the SS Enterprise, was the first spacecraft named Enterprise to be designated a starship. The UESP Enterprise was originally built as a Starliner, a manned interstellar probe, by the United Earth Space Probe Agency in the mid-to-late 21st century, as one of Earth’s earliest attempts at interstellar travel.

Product details
The U.S.S. Enterprise XCV-330, with its distinctive ring-shaped engines, is a starship of myth, seen only as an illustration or painting — until now.
QMx is thrilled to present an extremely limited edition of this supposed precursor to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701.
Design Concept
The XCV-330 was originally conceived by designer Matt Jefferies for Gene Roddenberry’s planned follow-up to Star Trek: The Original Series. Although that show was never greenlit, this amazing retro ship appeared as artwork in the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise and in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
For the 2013 J.J. Abrams blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness, their Artisan prop and model shop, QMx FX Cinema Arts, was asked to illustrate the history of starflight in the new Star Trek timeline. The 14 filming miniatures they created can be seen stretching across the credenza in Admiral Marcus’ office, starting with the Wright Flyer and ending with the U.S.S. Vengeance.
In the History of Starflight collection, the XCV-330 fills the role of Earth’s first sub-light, interplanetary and interstellar space vehicle.
Making the Ships
QMx built an idealized version of U.S.S. Enterprise Ring Ship for Star Trek Into Darkness (STID) from scratch by hand. It is a unique, one-of-a-kind miniature.
When developing the collectable model, QMx FX Cinema Arts combined elements of 3-D files supplied to them by digital artist Mark Rademaker with the filming miniature used in STID to create a final model that is both modern and retro and looks entirely functional and believable. Rademaker’s Ring Ship design, which takes Jefferies’ original drawings and renders them into a much more realistic, modern ship, can be seen in the 2011 Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar.
Superior Construction
Their custom-built Enterprise Ring Ship Artisan Replica is made of cast resin and is reinforced with a metal armature. It is hand painted with colours taken from both the Star Trek: The Original Series Enterprise and the Star Trek (2009) Enterprise.
Externally and inside the ring, the QMx Enterprise Ring Ship Artisan Replica has been carefully masked and hand painted with multiple layers of automotive paint to create a textured Aztec pattern.
The ring measures approximately 7.75 inches in diameter. The ship is 12 inches long and is 13 inches high when placed on the included custom-built display stand. The display stand is cast from the same moulds as the stand seen in Star Trek Into Darkness.
The QMx Enterprise Ring Ship Artisan Replica is a static model, with no lights or electronics.
Each QMx Enterprise Ring Ship Artisan Replica has been built by the same artisans who built the Enterprise Ring Ship for Star Trek Into Darkness. Each ship in this limited edition of 25 comes with a numbered plaque.
Safe Shipping
The Artisan Ring Ship and display stand are packed in individual foam-padded boxes that are placed together in another larger box for added protection
Hand Made in the U.S.A.
As with all QMx Artisan replicas, the Enterprise Ring Ship Artisan Replica is made to order in their U.S.-based model fabrication facility by special-effects artisans (who build models for movies when they’re not working on your replicas).
Not only does this allow them to offer you a replica of great intricacy and beauty, but it also allows you to make your Enterprise Ring Ship Artisan Replica uniquely your own.
There are 25 Enterprise Ring Ship Artisan Replica ships in this edition. Each hand-built starship is complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity and will cost you $1,499.95.
You can pre-order your ship now by visiting the QMx website
Source QMx