New from QMx is the Enterprise NX-01 Artisan Replica.

Enterprise (NX-01) was the first NX-class starship, launched by the United Earth Starfleet in 2151. The Enterprise was the first ship equipped with the experimental Warp 5 engine. Under the command of Jonathan Archer, the Enterprise played a pivotal role in setting up the groundwork for the creation of the United Federation of Planets.


Product details

QMx will offer this starship built to the exact specifications and dimensions of the CG studio model. Their screen-accurate Artisan replica is 1:350 scale and measures 23.5 inches long x 16 inches wide x 5 inches high (11 inches high when mounted on the base).

And, as an added bonus, each NX-01 will come with a dedication plaque – including the signature of the ship’s creator Doug Drexler, one of the best-known, most-prolific and most-admired designers in science-fiction television.

NX-01-2Custom Electronics & Lighting

Custom-built electronics in the QMx Enterprise NX-01 control a complex lighting system that boasts more than 150 LEDs, including torpedoes and phaser arrays with sound effects.

Other high-quality LEDs illuminate:

  • Warp and impulse engines
  • Rotating Bussard collectors
  • Navigational and deflector arrays
  • Anti-collision and formation signals
  • Interiors

NX-01-5Superior Construction

Internally, the starship has a welded steel armature that gives this Artisan replica shape and strength. The body of the ship is constructed of the best materials available, including fiberglass, polyester resins, epoxies, acrylic and styrene.

Externally, the Enterprise NX-01 Artisan Replica has been carefully finished and hand painted with multiple layers of metallic automotive-quality paint to create a layered textured Aztec pattern. Creating this real miniature from a CG model was both challenging and enjoyable.

The Enterprise NX-01 Replica sits on a mirrored base that measures 28 inches long x 18 inches wide x 1 inch high. It’s perfect for showing off the details on the underside of the ship — framed with a faux metal hull plate and bracketed by four plaques. Plaques on either side of the ship include the ship’s name and edition number.

NX-01-6Purchasers may request the following customizations of the base:

  • Change of Colour — Champagne, steel, copper or bronze, or a combination of these colours.
  • Center Insert — May be mirrored, gloss black or white.
  • Custom Engraving — You may have the base inscribed with a phrase of your choice, for an additional charge.

Studio Pro Shipping Container

The Artisan Enterprise NX-01 comes packed in a foam-padded, hand-built wooden crate, just like the crates used by the studios for shipping and storing filming props. The crate comes boxed in cardboard for extra protection.

Hand Made in the U.S.A.

As with all QMx Artisan replicas, the Enterprise NX-01 is made to order in our U.S.-based model fabrication facility by special-effects artisans (who build models for movies when they’re not working on your replicas). Not only does this allow us to offer you a replica of great intricacy and beauty, it also allows you to make your Enterprise NX-01 uniquely your own.

NX-01-10It takes six artisans approximately 115 hours to create an Enterprise NX-01 replica. This Artisan ship is made entirely in our shop, from the rapid prototyping parts, creating mold patterns, casting of parts, electronics assembly, replica assembly, detail painting and graphics.

There are 100 Enterprise NX-01 Artisan Replica ships in this edition. Each hand-built starship is complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity and will cost you $3,995.

Your need to sign up for the waiting list, as those on the waiting list will have the first chance to pre-order. Pre-ordering for this starts soon. Visit the website QMx

Source QMx