Enterprise in Space is a project setup by Shawn Case to design and launch a 8-foot orbiter containing a minimum of 100 student science experiments and later return it to Earth for display. The NSS Enterprise Orbiter is a historic tribute to the many great visionaries of science and science fiction, and to all the ships in history which have shared the name Enterprise.

The NSS is an independent, educational, membership, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. More info can be found here www.nss.org.

The NSS invites you to design the first science fiction inspired ship to reach Earth orbit. Information on how to enter can be found here.

You can become a virtual crew member of the NSS Enterprise orbiter by donating $20 and your get a official Enterprise In Space membership. For an additional $20, you can also join the National Space Society and receive its many benefits: http://www.nss.org


  1. The NSS Enterprise orbiter will serve as a tribute to all famous ships in history bearing the name Enterprise. With a successful mission, this orbiter will add to historic tradition by using cutting-edge technologies to achieve its goals and encourage space commercialization and enterprise.
  2. The orbiter itself will facilitate the use of new technologies such as:
    • 3-D Printing (TBD).
    • Laser-Based Communications (TBD).
    • Ballute and/or Ablative Thermal Protection (heat-shielding materials).
  3. The orbiter’s payload will contain:Enterprise In Space will place a major emphasis on outreach in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), from building the ship at highly-recognized aeronautics and aerospace institutions, to science and space education for students at all grade levels and in all the countries of Earth!  Information and data will be translated into 36 languages.
    • 100+ Educational Science Experiments (from winning student experimenters all over the world)
    • Camera, Communication, and Data Streaming Equipment (along with other spacecraft operational equipment)
    • Items as a tribute to the many seminal science fiction series and historical Enterprise ships.
    • Items associated with public engagement and support of the Enterprise In Space mission.
  4. Upon return from space, the orbiter will travel on an international tour that will involve community and educational activities.
  5. After the world tour, the orbiter will be placed into the Smithsonian (or other major) Museum after an approval process, making historyand giving credit to all those who made it happen!

For more information and to donate visit the website.

Website: https://enterpriseinspace.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnterpriseInSpace



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