The new issue of Empire Magazine comes out on 27th December and will be packed full of Star Trek Into Darkness greatness as a late Christmas gift. Not one but two covers will be available for the February issue of the magazine and they will showcase  JJ Abrams’ intergalactic epic new film,  Star Trek Into Darkness. Here is a preview of the covers.

                                                        And the limited edition subscribers’ covers

Whats in the magazine:-

Empire have picked the bones of the teaser trailer with a comprehensive breakdown, but, with exclusive interviews with Abrams and his cast, the cover feature is absolute gem. It will offer one or two more intriguing titbits on Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain, John Harrison – a figure currently more shrouded in mystery than a dozen Essex Lions.

Empire magazine have two exclusive brand new stills from the film.

The new Empire magazine is on sale Thursday 27th December 2012. Available now to download for iPad at the App Store.

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