Eaglemoss today announced at STLV that they would be launching a new model collection based on Star Trek: Discovery.

Starting early in 2018, a new series of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY starships will launch, with a new ship out every month.


Each model will be between 20-25cm (8-10 inches) long – a larger scale than the standard Official Starships Collection models – and made of a combination of die-cast and resin parts. They will be based directly on the original VFX models created for the show ensuring an extraordinary level of detail and accuracy.


As always the models will be accompanied by a fully illustrated magazine that profiles the ship and explores the inside story of how it was made.


“We are incredibly excited to be working on the ships from STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, which are beautiful, startling and incredibly detailed. We couldn’t have been given better reference and we can’t wait until we have finished models to hold in our hands,” said Ben Robinson, manager for Eaglemoss’s STAR TREK products, revealing the news at the Official Star Trek 2017 Convention. “We are particularly pleased to be making them at a larger size, which will allow that detail to shine through.”

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