Star Trek the graphic novel collectionEaglemoss have a brand new collection for the 50th anniversay of Star Trek called Star Trek: The Graphic Novel Collection.

Product description:

For the first time ever, a new hardback book collection celebrating the 50 years of Star Trek in a single series.

This extraordinary new collection spans decades and contains all the key moments of STAR TREK comic history; everything is here, from Gold Key’s first STAR TREK comic published in 1967 to the latest adventures.

Beautifully presented in brand new hardback editions with brand new introductions, this series is a must for any fan.

Countdown Star Trek The Graphic Novel CollectionIssue 1 features the graphic novel from IDW’s Star Trek Countdown series.

The countdown to the motion picture event of 2009 begins here, in the exclusive graphic novel prequel to Star Trek, the upcoming blockbuster film from Paramount Pictures! JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman present the origin of Nero, the mysterious Romulan who will ultimately threaten the survival of the entire universe. Don’t miss this story that brings STAR TREK back to the big screen!

The graphic novel also comes with a special collector’s magazine.

Subscribe Star Trek The Graphic Novel CollectionWhen you subscribe to The Graphic Novel Collection your receive 4 exclusive gifts which include:

  • Storage Tin and 12 Movie Posters:
    A collector’s set of classic movie poster art, housed in a stylish tin.
  • Bookends:
    A pair of high-quality steel bookends to contain your collection in style!
  • Lapel Pin:
    Featuring STAR TREK’S iconic Delta design, this polished pin badge is a must for any STAR TREK fan
  • Tinplate cover designs:
    Collectors’ plates featuring classic covers from the comic archives.

Premium Subscription - Star Trek The Graphic Novel CollectionThere is also an option for a premium subscription. This upgrade will get you the crossover Star Trek graphic novels.

The STAR TREK franchise has been fascinatingly merged with three other hugely successful series in these exciting titles: STAR TREK Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive, STAR TREK TNG: Doctor Who: Assimilation and STAR TREK/Legion of Superheroes.

As a subscriber, for £1 extra per issue, you have the opportunity to upgrade your subscription and receive three crossover graphic novel premium gifts!

Issue 1 will cost £2.99, issue 2 £6.99 (£7.99 premium sub) and issue 3 onwards will cost £9.99 (£10.99 premium sub).

At present the collection is only available in the UK.

Visit star-trek-the-graphic-novel-collection/ for more information and to subscribe.