Eaglemoss have announced that their Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection is being extended from 90 issues to 110.

Ben Robinson, the project manager spoke more about the collection to herocollector.com

Star Trek Models 110To expand on the announcement we can confirm that the collection will still only feature canon ships that have appeared on screen, though this extension will allow for the inclusion of some ships from the Battle of Wolf 359, and we can announce here for the first time that one of those ships will be the New Orleans class. The collection will also include the legendary Daedalus class, which could be seen as a model in Sisko’s office. Modelmaker Greg Jein and Star Trek scenic art supervisor Mike Okuda are working with Eaglemoss to track down all the reference they can to make sure these models are accurate as possible. Other models that the extension will include significant Delta Quadrant ships, more ships created for the remastered Blu-ray editions of Star Trek: The Original Series and ships from the feature films, inlcuding the Starfleet and Federation vessels from Star Trek: Insurrection. There are also plans to release over-sized special issues based on the forthcoming StarTrek Beyond.

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