Destination Star Trek is back for it’s fifth event. Organised by Massive Events, in association with Showmasters and Media 10, Star Trek Destination Birmingham will be a three-day celebration of all things Star Trek. Next year Star Trek: Deep Space NIne will be celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary!

Star Trek Destination Birmingham will take place on October 19-21, 2018 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

First guests comfirmed to appear at this event are –


William Shatner, Linda Park, Armin Shimerman, Max Grodénchik and Aron Eisenberg


Additional guests will be revealed in the coming months.


DSTE 2018 have a couple of amazing World Exclusives:


Quark Costume Make-Up

A true world first and a one time only opportunity – we have persuaded Armin Shimerman to once again don the make-up for Quark, this has never been seen before since DS9 finished airing and is unlikely to happen again!

On Saturday Armin Shimerman will bring Quark back to life for an amazing photo shoot, that will take place on a reproduction of Quark’s bar. Then he will rejoin his ‘family’ and do a very special Family Portrait photo shoot with co-stars Aron Eisenberg and Max Grodenchik, who themselves will be in Rom and Nog make-up and costume!

Don’t miss your chance to meet a true icon of the Star Trek universe and have a keepsake you will treasure forever.

Ferengi Family Portrait

With so many professional photo shoot areas at the event, we can now reveal that our very special Ferengi Family – Quark, Rom and Nog will be available for a world exclusive family portrait opportunity.

For the first time since working on DS9, Armin Shimerman has agreed to become Quark again for one final time. This photoshoot with all 3 members of the family in make-up is exclusive to this event and will not be repeated again anywhere in the world!

Sit with the unconventional family, and smile for the camera with this unique Deep Space Nine family – only available at Destination Star Trek Birmingham on Saturday.

There will be guest talks, autograph opportunities, photo shoots with the stars.

New to DSTE 2018 – Tribble Bridge Photo Shoot – You on the Classic Bridge infested with Tribbles

DST Europe will also have parties, fan panels, quizzes and much more.

Tickets are available to buy now.

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