Creation Entertainment’s 13th Annual Official Star Trek Convention Las Vegas 2014 will be from 31st July – 3rd August and will be located at The Rio Suites in Las Vegas.

Over the four days there will be non-stop, round the clock live entertainment featuring over 100 Star Trek celebrities, the Vegas Convention also offers something no other major fan event does: EVERYONE who attends, no matter what grade of admission ticket, is guaranteed a seat in their main theatre where all the stars appear and all the major attractions take place. No worrying about getting in (or being cut off after waiting in line), no extra hassles and no extra charges to see the biggest stars: just pure fun! This difference is HUGE and they take pride also in the fact that many of their stars do far more than just “Q and A” on stage. They encourage their guests to really perform for the audience and many do live theatrical presentations which are always a highlight.

Autographs and photo ops are available for attendees to get to meet their favorite Star Trek stars and go home with a commemorative signature or beautifully shot professional photograph.

The Rio Suites in Las Vegas, has proven to be a huge hit with Creation’s audiences, everyone loves the super-large suite rooms, the fantastic selection of restaurants, buffets and bars, the exciting casino and its in the sky Masquerade show, and of course the state of the art theatres (featuring built in stages) and tech systems that offers impeccable sound even at the back of the main and secondary theaters. The fact that the entire convention takes place here rather than in a cold concrete convention hall really makes a big difference in enjoying your vacation!

Guests appearing at Star Trek Las Vegas 2014 are:

William Shatner  Kate Mulgrew  Avery Brooks  Scott Bakula  Karl Urban  Montgomery_Scott,_alternate_reality  Walter Koenig  Nichelle Nichols

Willam Shatner, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, Scott Bakula, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols,

PETER-WELLER  Marina Sirtis  LeVar Burton  Gates McFadden  Michael Dorn  Brent Spiner  Denise Crosby  John de Lanice

Peter Weller, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Buton, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, Denise Crosby, John de Lancie,

Nana Visitor  Rene Auberjonois  Terry Farrell  Colm Meaney  Cirroc Lofton  Max Grodenchik  Aron Eisenberg  Chase_Masterson

Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonois, Terry Farrell, Colm Meaney, Cirroc Lofton, Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, Chase Masterson,

Casey Biggs  Jeffrey Combs  Barry Jenner  James Darren  JG-Hertzler  Robert O'Reilly  Tim Russ  Garrett Wang

Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs, Barry Jenner, James Darren, JG-Hertzler, Robert O’Reilly, Tim Russ, Garrett Wang,

Ethan Phillips  Scarlett_Pomers  Suzie Plakson  Connor Trinneer  Dominic Keating  Anthony Montgomery  John Billingsley  Vaughn Armstrong

Ethan Phillips, Scarlett Pomers, Suzie Plakson, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park, John Billingsley, Vaughn Armstrong, 

Grace Lee Whitney  Don Marshall  Sally Kellerman  Felix Silla  Sean Kenney 1  Lawrence Montaigne  Catherine Hicks  Carel Struycken

Grace Lee Whitney, Don Marshall, Sally Kellerman, Felix Silla, Sean Kenney, Lawrence Montaigne, Catherine Hicks, Carel Struycken,

Eric Pierpoint  Don Stark  Michael Aron  Natalija Nogulich  Steve Rankin  Kipleigh Brown  Tony_Todd  Jerry Hardin

 Eric Pierpoint, Don Stark, Michael Aron, Natalija Nogulich, Steve Rankin, Kipleigh Brown, Tony Todd, Jerry Hardin, 

Robin Curtis  Gwynyth Walsh  Hallie Todd  Jim Metzler  Bobby Clark  Christopher_Doohan  Mark-Allen-Shepherd  Michael-Forest

Robin Curtis, Gwynyth Walsh, Hallie Todd, Jim Metzler, Bobby Clark, Chris Dooham, Mark Allen Shepherd, Michael Forest,

Lee Arenberg  Tiny-Ron  Duncan Regehr  John Schuck  Celeste Yarnall  Eric Menyuk  Steven Culp  Daniel Davis

Lee Arenberg, Tiny Ron, Duncan Regehr, John Schuck, Celeste Yarnall, Eric Menyuk, Steven Culp, Daniel Davis, 

Tanya-Lemani  Camille Saviola  Tucker Smallwood  Barbara-Luna  Arlene Martel  Hana Hatae 1  Bruce Hyde  Evan English

Tanya Lemani, Camille Saviola, Tucker Smallwood, Barbara Luna, Arlene Martel, Hana Hatae, Bruce Hyde, Evan English

Jeff Coopwood  Brannon Braga  Richard Arnold  Michael Westmore  Doug Drexler  mike-denise-okuda1  Paul Lynch  David Gerrold

 Jeff Coopwood, Brannon Braga, Richard Arnold, Michael Westmore, Doug Drexler, Mike and Denise Okuda, Paul Lynch, David Gerrold,

Ronald_B._Moore  Larry_Nemecek  Roger Lay Jr.  Ron-Jones  James L. Conway  Manny Coto  Morgan Gendel  The Paley Center For Media And CBS Consumer Products Presents Gallery Exhibition Of "Star Trek: The Art Of Juan Ortiz"

Ronald B. Moore, Larry Nemecek, Roger Lay Jr., Ron Jones, James L. Conway, Manny Coto, Morgan Gendel, Juan Ortiz,

Harlan Ellison  Robert_Blackman  Mark_A._Altman  Robert_Meyer_Burnett  Scott Mantz

Harlan Ellison, Robert Blackman, Mark A. Altman, Robert Meyer Burnett, Scott Mantz



The Preferred Weekend Packages, are now available! These are a great way to come to the convention and enjoy what the show has to offer ALL FOUR daytimes and many fans actually prefer them not only for their lower cost but because they allow patrons some time to enjoy all of what Vegas offers outside of the convention.  $319

Available tickets will be on sale only at the convention


Here is the most economical way to attend all four daytimes of the convention. You get to see all the guests and events in the main theatre from a non-reserved seat and of course you get admission to the vendors area and the secondary theatre as well. This option does not include autographs or photo ops which you can order separately below. FOUR DAYS filled with stars and fellow fans from around the galaxy, all at an unbelievable price! Compare to concerts and other shows in Las Vegas that are just a few hours and often cost WAY more: here you are getting four full days of entertainment and a guaranteed seat in our main theatre: an awesomely sweet deal! $149

Available tickets will be on sale only at the convention


Here is the best way to attend any single day(s) of The Official STAR TREK Convention in Las Vegas. This option gives you a reserved seat in our main theatre which is yours come and go all day. This is where all the major guests and events occur. You also get admission into our secondary theatre (which will also feature guests, events, contests and presentations) and our vendors area of course. You receive a specifically designed wristband that allows access all day to these areas, and with our ticketing system you can actually pick your seat in the main theatre.

(This option does not include autographs or photo ops which you can order separately below.)

SINGLE DAY RESERVED SEATING is priced as follows:

Available tickets will be on sale only at the convention


This is the most cost effective way to attend any one day of the convention. You get to see all the guests and events in the rear or sides of the main theatre from a non-reserved guaranteed seat and of course you get admission to the vendors area and the secondary theatre as well. This option does not include autographs or photo ops which you can order separately.


Available tickets will be on sale only at the convention


Here is a new very economical way to attend any one or more day of the convention.This new ticket DOES NOT allow you entrance into our main theatre (The Gene and Majel Roddenberry Theatre) day or evening, but it does gain you entrance into the vendors room where over the convention over 50 stars will be at tables meeting fans and signing autographs for a nominal fee. Guest listings on the site indicate if celebrities will be doing this. You will also have the ability to buy and take photo ops with any of the celebrities doing photo ops and you can also attend (space permitting) functions in our secondary theatre and Quark’s Bar. You are also able to attend the free Karaoke Night events if you wish and can see many of the new displays we’ll have in “The Promenade” hallway.


Available tickets will be on sale only at the convention


For more information visit the website Creation Entertainment

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