London Film and Comic Con took place over the weekend of 11-13th July 2014. The event was the largest of its kind in Europe and was run by Showmasters. This year, the event had over 100 TV and Film celebrities, over 75 comic creators, a book zone and if that wasn’t enough the headline guest this year was comic book legend Stan Lee.

While the convention focused on Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and Star Wars; Star Trek was not forgotten. Attending from the Star Trek universe were:

  • Terry Farrell –  Jadzia Dax from DS9
  • Dominic Keating – Malcolm Reed from Enterprise
  • Glenn Morshower – Various roles within TNG, VOY & Enterprise
  • Michael Ensign – Various roles within TNG, DS9, VOY & Enterprise
  • Chase Masterson – Leeta from DS9 (here as part of Big Finish Audio productions)
  • Guy Siner – Played Malcolm Reeds father on Enterprise
  • Dina Meyer – Commander Donatra in Star Trek Nemesis
  • Julius LeFlore – stuntman, stunt coordinator in Star Trek: Insurrection
  • Dan Abnett – Star Trek comic writer for Marvel
  • Ian Eddington – Star Trek comic writer for Marvel
  • Mike Collins – Star Trek comic artist for various publishers

Many of the guests listed were also here for other fandoms or projects but they all have connections to Star Trek. Over the weekend you had the opportunity to get photo shoots and autographs from your favourite stars.


Terry Farrell & Glen Moreshower at the press conference. Picture taken by Bunny Summers.

Attending the inaugural Showmasters press conference on the Friday afternoon were Terry Farrell and Glenn Morshower. While they did not have much time on stage to answer questions they spoke about their excitement about being back in London, how they were hoping to be busy over the weekend and looking forward to meeting all the fans.

On the Friday evening we spoke to Glenn Morshower. Glenn has appeared in three incarnations of Star Trek and one of the TNG movies.  He played Ensign Burke in “Peak Performance” from TNG and in Enterprise he played Sheriff MacReady in “North Star”. Glenn not only spoke about his time on Star Trek he actually remembered the names of each character he played and the title of the episodes. Glenn has appeared in so many films and television shows (most notably as Aaron Pierce in 24) that for many actors the parts might become a blur but we were really impressed that he could remember each role he has played in his career. We asked Glenn which appearance on Star Trek did he enjoyed the most and he told us about his experience on Enterprise. While filming “North Star” Glenn’s father passed away so he had to take a break from filming to return to Texas to be with his family. He told us that when watching the episode you would not be able to tell which parts of the episode were filmed before or after his father passed away but Glenn can. It’s his job being an actor to carry on with the show but that episode will always hold poignant memories for him. Glenn signed an autograph for Michael and considering the emotive story he had just told us Michael thought it would be appropriate to choose the photo of Glenn’s appearance on Enterprise. Glenn was really kind to allow table photos with him.

Later on the Friday Michael met Terry Farrell for an autograph signing. Over the weekend Terry’s wish for being busy was granted so there was not much time for a chat. Michael admits he was a bit star struck meeting Terry and was glad Bunny was there to keep a conversation going. Bunny and Michael both had photo shoots with Terry over the weekend and while these passed by quickly it was nice to spend a little time with her.


Dominic Keating and Terry Farrell at the Star Trek talk on the Sunday. Picture taken by Howard Crowe.

There was only one Star Trek panel planned over the weekend. It took place on the Sunday on the “super stage” and featured Terry Farrell and Dominic Keating. This was the first time the pair had appeared on the same stage together.  The panel began with Terry and Dominic being asked how they started acting. Dominic spoke about going to drama school while Terry mentioned her background in modelling. It was around this point Dominic set the tone for the talk with some colourful language of which Terry soon followed suit. To be honest this did not bother me since I knew what to roughly expect from Dominic from previous appearances. It did take Terry however, to apologise for the language being used.


Dominic entertaining the crowds at the Star Trek talk. Picture taken by Howard Crowe.

Dominic was asked about why Enterprise only had four seasons and Dominic’s reply which made everyone laugh (apart from Laura, Visionary Trek’s Voyager expert) was that it took Star Trek: Voyager so bloody long to come home that it held Enterprise back. It was at this point Terry asked Dominic which character he actually played on Enterprise. The audience erupted as Dominic tried to come back with a witty reply but it was drowned out by laughter. Some may have thought Dominic was being sexist towards Terry but I think this is just the “act” Dominic has at these conventions, and besides, Terry was holding her own and put him in his place a couple of times. Terry did make a good point that there was not enough of a gap between each new incarnation of Star Trek and by not allowing this break it led to franchise fatigue and a shorter life for Enterprise/Star Trek.


Terry taking questions from the audience at the Star Trek talk. Picture taken by Howard Crowe.

Terry was soon asked about her departure from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) after the end of the sixth season. Terry was really honest about her experiences. She did not want to leave the series, she simply wanted to slow down and appear less on the seventh season as was suffering from exhaustion but this did not seem to bother the producers at DS9. Terry didn’t even want more money which surprised Dominic. Terry made her feelings clear about what happened and the effect on the series once she had left the role. She also mentioned that when she left Becker the show also declined, who says lightning doesn’t strike twice…

The talk only lasted twenty minutes which was disappointing but it was funny, we did find out some interesting things about Terry and Dominic and the audience certainly enjoyed themselves.

Over the weekend Michael also spoke to comic writer and author Dan Abnett. Dan was co-writer of a comic series for Marvel called: Star Trek: The Early Voyages which featured the first five year mission of the Starship Enterprise under Captain Pike. The series only lasted for seventeen issues and actually ended on a cliff hanger after Marvel cancelled the comic. Michael asked Dan about the cliff hanger and he actually mentioned that the issue had been written and was about to be drawn when they found out about the cancellation. As fan of the series it would have been nice to have seen this final issue.  It was really nice to talk to Dan about his time on the series and Star Trek in general.

The convention had its fair share of Star Trek Cosplayers. Over the weekend we saw Klingons, Borg, and Trills, Starfleet costumes from both the prime and JJ verse. The amount of effort put into these costumes is always impressive. There was also a lot of Star Trek merchandise on sale, this included paintings, action figures, posters, model kits and so much more.


Bunny meeting Glen Moreshower.

The weekend was really busy but for those who wanted something to do with Star Trek at the convention you weren’t disappointed. Meeting Glenn Morshower was one of the highlights but meeting Terry Farrell was an incredible experience.

Thanks to Showmasters for allowing Visionary Trek access to the press conference and our passes over the weekend.