When Chase Masterson was at Trekology on 27-28 July 2013, she spoke about her role as a founder of the Anti-Bullying Coalition in the US. Chase Masterson is joined in these efforts by the co-founder of the Anti-Bullying Coalition Carrie Goldman, the author of the 2012 book “Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear.”
Carrie Goldman became a voice for the antibullying movement after her blog post about her daughter Katie’s bullying experience went viral and an online community of support generated international attention.

Publishers description
The mother of a bullied first grader, popular blogger Carrie Goldman’s inspiring true story triggered an outpouring of support from online communities around the world. In Bullied, she gives us a guide to the crucial lessons and actionable guidance she’s learned about how to stop bullying before it starts. It is a book born from Goldman’s post about the ridicule her daughter suffered for bringing a Star Wars thermos to school–a story that went viral on Facebook and Twitter before exploding everywhere, from CNN.com and Yahoo.com to sites all around the world. Written in Goldman’s warm, engaging style, Bullied is an important and very necessary read for parents, educators, self-professed “Girl Geeks,” or anyone who has ever felt victimized by a bully, online or in person.

The book is available to buy from:
Amazon US in Paperback for $12.27 and Hardcover for $18.08
Amazon UK in Paperback for £9.20 and Hardcover £16.41

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