Returning Bye Bye, Robot artist Tracie Ching has created a stunning 18” x 24” lithograph to celebrate the TNG 30th Anniversary.

The 18”x24” lithograph features portraits of the 7 iconic characters most often found on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Crew portraits include: Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Lt. Commander La Forge, Lt. Commander Data, Lt. Worf, Counselor Troi, and Doctor Crusher.Created by using the Red, Gold, and Blue of the different branches in Starfleet, this illustrated Next Gen ensemble is a striking addition to any fan’s collection.

“Make It So” is an extra wide 14”x36” that unites well with the other ships in Charity Wood’s series.  Printed on acid-free heavy-weight card stock, this piece portrays the U.S.S. Enterprise as it flies through uncharted territory on its signature mission of continued exploration. Her stylized use of paint splatters, bold color, and inverse linework add to the energetic feel of this iconic ship’s portrait.

Product Availability: US only

Source Bye Bye Robot