Bryan Fuller was recently at the Saturn Awards were he spoke to about the upcoming new Star Trek series.

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Fuller also spoke to

Moviefone: There’s been a lot of speculation about the format and setting of the new series. What would you like to put out there now, to wet the appetite for the audience?

Fuller: I mean, it’s funny. I’ve read that we’re [set] before “Next Generation,” after [“Star Trek VI: The] Undiscovered Country,” which is false. I’ve read that it’s an anthology show, which is not accurate. So it’s interesting to see those suggestions, and seeing the truth mixed in with them and going like, “Oh, they got that part right…” But it’s sort of on the truth-o-meter on PolitiFacts. It’s sort of like some truth, and a lot of like, “No — pants on fire! That’s not true.”

Moviefone: People got excited about the word “crews,” plural, in the teaser trailer.

Fuller: Yeah.

Moviefone: Does that have a specific meaning? Or was that sort of a word that was used?

Fuller: No, I think we will be seeing lots of crews in the story. One of the things that is exciting for me is that we are telling a “Star Trek” story in a modern way. We’re telling a 13-chapter story in this first season. It’s nice to be able to dig deep into things that would have been breezed passed if we were doing episodic and had to contain a story to an episode.

Moviefone: Would you like to revisit any characters? Is there a window open to bring in characters that have been established in the canon?

Fuller: Eventually. Eventually.

Moviefone: Is the streaming aspect of it — is that going to affect it at all? Are you going to drop them all at once? Do you even know yet?

Fuller: No, it’s going to be weekly. And what it does allow us is, we are not subject to broadcast standards and practices. So we can have profanity if we choose — not that I want to see a “Star Trek” with lots of profanity. But we can certainly be more graphic than you would on broadcast network television.