Borg luminglass_inmotion Think Geek currently have a Borg style Luminglass. This creates mesmerizing webs of light as used for the Borg alcoves, seen in Star Trek First Contact.

Product description:

Just plug it in, and watch as lighting mysteriously dances inside a disk of glass that’s less than a quarter-inch thick! Create everything from a delicate tapestry of spider webs, to a powerful lightning storm! Luminglass also features a sound-responsive mode which, when used with your voice or music, creates a pulsating rhythm of light that will dazzle the senses. AC Adapter Included.

At only 6 inches in diameter, Luminglass is an energizing addition to any office space. Wall mountable and also includes stand. Comes in a deliciously evil and Borg-friendly green – perfect for any regeneration alcove.

Order your Borg style Luminglass now for $39.99