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Reviews by Caleb Beldom – Star Trek: Mosaic

Star Trek: Mosaic Author: Jeri Taylor Publisher: Pocket Books Series: Star Trek Voyager Published: September 1996 Everyone's got their favorite Star Trek Captain - they've all have amazing and inspiring attributes that it's almost impossible to pick between them. You...

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Reviews by Lt. Eric Cone – Shadow of the Machine

Star Trek: Shadow of the Machine Series: Pocket TOS Published by: Pocket Books (Simon and Schuster) This is only found in Star Trek's continuing eBook (eNovella) format. Publication Date: 9th March 2015 Written by: Scott Harrison OVERVIEW: Taking place four days after...

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Reviews by Lt. Eric Cone – The Collectors

Hello Trekkies! After a few delays (and some, ahem...encouragement, from Michael Clark), I was able to finish Christopher L. Bennett's Star Trek: The Collectors, the latest eBook, and - the next installment of the Department of Temporal Investigations series. I don't...

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Reviews by Lt. Eric Cone – Star Trek – THE MISSING

Hello Trekkies! Today, (3rd January) marks the 22nd anniversary of DEEP SPACE NINE's debut on TV, (and, in doing so, entering the lives of stalwart 'Niner's hearts, forever). It's no secret, that I've been a staunch supporter of this brilliant Star Trek series, from...

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