Destination Star Trek is looking for your views on the next convention. You can be involved by telling them about:

Fan panels:

Tell them what fan panels you like – which topics are you desperate to discuss with other dedicated fans – Are you super confident about your subject – would you be keen to host a panel yourself?

Fan Groups:

Let them know what you are up to throughout the year so that DST can share your story and support the cause!

Are You The Best DST Follower?

Have you attended both events to date – tell them why you are their biggest fan in a 30-second video clip and be in with a chance of winning 5 tickets for you and your friends to go to London Royal Albert Hall STAR TREK – Live In Concert, Thursday 29 May – Saturday 31 May 2014. Simply upload your video to YouTube and send them the link before the 6th May 2014.

And Finally Do You:

Do you want to get married in Klingon? Or on the bridge? Do you have a Star Trek band?? If you have any quirky facts, interesting stories or STAR TREK pastimes, contact them.
Send them your ideas and video link to the following email address:

Follow them on Twitter @StarTrek_DST

Use the hashtag #DST3

Source Destination Star Trek