The second trailer for the new Star Trek Into Darkness film came out yesterday (17th December) on iTunes movie trailers. This is the same trailer that you would have seen before the The Hobbit in non-IMAX cinemas over the weekend.


Watching the trailer in 1080p and full screen, you might notice that at 1.07, when you see John Harrison in the cell the camera pans towards him and to the right is a computer panel displaying ‘‘.

Click the image for a clearer view (bottom right)

The hidden Easter Egg points you to a website where you can sign up for future updates.

are-you-the-1701-star-trek-imgClick the start page and a form pops up, asking “Shall we begin?”

Your asked for your e-mail address, your country, your zip/postal code, and your birthday. Once completed, a notice displays “Thank you, we will tell you when the search begins.”

There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter account, asking “Are You The 1701?”

The beginning of the Star Trek Into Darkness viral campaign.

Source Are You The