st-twok-jacket-capt-stnd-1Anovos have added to their mighty range of Star Trek costumes from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan. The Standard Line Command Division Uniform Jacket is ready for pre-order.

Anovos Star Trek Wrath of Khan – Command Division Uniform Jacket – Standard Line

st-twok-jacket-capt-stnd-3Designed by Robert Fletcher, the uniform sported black trousers and a double-breasted red jacket worn over a turtlenecked undershirt. The undershirt, along with stripes on the pants, shoulder, and left sleeve had distinctive division colours. The jacket closed by a clasp at the right shoulder and a sealing mechanism that ran along the black stripe. This allowed the wearer to have a more relaxed appearance and likely allowed more circulation of air.

Their Standard Line Command Division Uniform Jacket uses a custom milled and dyed cavalry twill which replicates the look and feel of the original uniform’s wool élastique, while being more comfortable, durable, and cost effective.

Replication Details

  • st-twok-jacket-capt-stnd-16Jacket constructed using patterns sourced from a screen used uniform.
  • Chain used on uniform is replicated exclusively for ANOVOS based on samples of original chain. Chain is no longer manufactured in this style and is no longer available from any manufacturer back-stock.


  • Fine synthetic cavalry twill specially manufactured and dyed to match the original uniforms.
  • Fully lined interior for maximal comfort.
  • Iconic double breasted offset lapel features specially recreated chain segments hand-sewn link-by link between the snaps on the lapel’s inner placket binding exactly duplicating the original.
  • Commendation Band on left sleeve cuff, to be customized by end-user.
  • Distinctive side and back center belt loops for formal Starfleet uniform belt.
  • Oval “rank pillow” on left sleeve for a variety of officer pins (Captain and lower), designed to be sewn on. (Packaged separately.)

Also Available via the Separate Jacket Bundle

st-twok-jacket-capt-stnd-12The following are available solely in the jacket bundle only.

  • One (1) Officer’s Chest Insignia Badge replica with digitally re-created detail based from the original badges, utilizing full metal construction throughout. Chest Insignia Badge look is replicated with a gold-plated backing board, featuring ivory and lavender painted details. Metal Starfleet ringed delta painted bronze metallic, recreating the look and finish as executed on screen used Insignia Badges. Chest badge features 10mm long nails with military-style butterfly clutches for easy placement and removal.
  • One (1) artificial leather adjustable belt with Starfleet belt buckle, replicated from screen-used piece. Metal Starfleet ringed delta belt buckle painted bronze metallic, recreating the look and finish as executed on screen used buckles.

Sizing for the uniform is available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

UPDATE: Currently the uniform will cost $1,150.00 ($1,300.00 USD for the bundle) for this pre-order window duration which ends on February 21, 2015. So act now if you would like to purchase one.

Visit Anovos for more information and to pre-order the jacket.

Shipping Estimated time to pre-order fulfillment: late March / April 2015.

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