sttng-picard-jacket-retail-1Anovos have unveiled another new addition to their mighty range of Star Trek costumes from Star Trek The Next Generation. Captain Picard’s Jacket uniform he wore in the fifth season of TNG, in episodes “Darmok”, “Unification” and “The Inner Light”.


Designed by Robert Blackman with direct input from Sir Patrick Stewart himself, Captain Picard’s Jacket was intended to make the Captain stand out from the rest of the crew — just as Captain Kirk’s wraparound tunics had a generation before.

They have examined a screen-used jacket, then duplicated the patterning and precise colour of the original down to a tee. They then sourced the correct synthetic fiber for the body, microsuede for the shoulders, satin interior lining for comfort, and finished it with a zipper closure so you can recreate the different adventures in which Captain Picard wore this stunning jacket.


  • Synthetic fibers color matched to preserved, screen-used jacket from private collection.
  • Patterned directly from screen-used jacket, used throughout seasons five through seven.
  • Microsuede material for shoulders, with quilted look mirroring the original costume piece.


  • Satin interior lining for comfort, just like the original.
  • Full body front zipper closure.

Sizing for the jacket is available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

If you plan on wearing multiple layers of clothing when wearing this jacket, they strongly recommend going up one size bigger.

Currently the jacket will cost $250.00 for the second batch of 35 that is pre-ordered. There is one other pre-sale window that will be specially priced, so act now if you would like to purchase one.

Visit Anovos for more information and to pre-order the jacket

Source Anovos