sttng-womens-jumpsuit-red-1Anovos have re-released the premier line of Star Trek The Next Generation women’s uniform jumpsuits from season 3 onwards. The Command Burgundy Tunic, Services Mustard Tunic and first-time debut of the Sciences Teal Green tunic.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Women’s Command Burgundy, Services Mustard & Sciences Teal Green Jumpsuits – Premier Line

The design was modified by Robert Blackman for Star Trek: The Next Generation season 3 onwards. This uniform featured a higher, more formal collar. Division colour piping was relocated from the yoke to the top of the collar, leaving a flat black look. Division colours were retained with command burgundy, services mustard and sciences teal green.


  • 100% jumbo spandex.
  • Jumpsuit constructed and patterned from screen-used jumpsuit.
  • Unique pattering allowing for greater mobility and alterations.
  • Specially made shoulder padding, reflecting unique construction of original screen-used Hero uniforms used on set.
  • Hidden zipper at back, as featured on hero character costumes.
  • Mandarin collar with braided collar piping to match division colour.
  • Scalloped leg hem with screen accurate external boot stirrups.

Sizing for the jumpsuit is available for women in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

sttng-womens-jumpsuit-blue-1The Command Burgundy Jumpsuit, Services Mustard Jumpsuit and Sciences Teal Green Jumpsuit will cost $649.95 each.

Visit Anovos for more information and to pre-order the Jumpsuits

Estimated time to wave one pre-order fulfillment: Spring 2015. Wave two pre-order fulfillment is estimated at Fall 2015.

Source Anovos