sttng-movie-officer-formal-mess-1Anovos have unveiled another new addition to their mighty range of Star Trek costumes, Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Era Officer’s Formal Mess Dress.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Era Officer’s Formal Mess Dress

sttng-movie-officer-formal-mess-2Designed by Robert Blackman for Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek Nemesis, it’s later seen in the season 7 episode “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges” of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The dress uniform was a white, short jacket with gold trim and a quilted gray center section, worn over black trousers which were also trimmed in gold. Division colours appeared as piping around the collar and wide bands on the cuffs and side seams of the trousers.





  • Waist-length, fitted Mess Dress Tunic constructed from production and screen-used pieces.
  • Fabric colour matched to production samples.
  • Two-tone outer shell featuring cream and gray style as worn by Starfleet officers ranked Commander and below.
  • Designed to be worn with high-waisted pant.
  • Replicated decorative piping detail.
  • Hidden zipper construction front.
  • Mandarin collar with colour-specific division piping.
  • Color-specific division band at cuff.
  • Built-in shoulder padding.
  • Fully lined for maximal comfort.

Sizing for the uniform is available for men in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

Currently the jacket will cost $254.95 for the second batch that is pre-ordered between January 11 and January 16, 2015. There will be another pre-sale window that will be specially priced, so act now if you would like to purchase one.

Visit Anovos for more information and to pre-order the tunic

Shipping Estimated time to pre-order fulfillment: September / October 2015.