Star-Trek-Beyond-Insignia-PatchAnovos have unveiled the Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Patch as seen in Star Trek Into Darkness and upcoming Star Trek Beyond films. This patch is being made available for the first time.

Sourced from the original production artwork from STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, this insignia patch replicates the look, texture, materials and manufacturing of the patch featured on costumes in both that film and the upcoming STAR TREK BEYOND.

Replication Details

  • 3-1/2 inch diameter patch.
  • Made from neoprene, as per original artifacts.
  • Silk-screen printed, as per original artifacts.
  • Raised details using “puffy ink” printing method to replicate dimensionality and texture features, as per original artifacts.

The Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Patch will cost $20.

Visit Anovos for more information and to pre-order the Starfleet Insignia Patch.

Shipping Estimated time to pre-order fulfillment: late August

The patch is currently available to buy and pick up at Star Trek Las Vegas