Star Trek First Contact Uniform 1Anovos have unveiled another new addition to their mighty range of Star Trek costumes, the Star Trek: First Contact / Deep Space 9 Standard Line Uniform.

Star Trek First Contact / Deep Space Nine Style Uniform Ensemble with Vest – Standard Line

Designed by Robert Blackman for Star Trek: First Contact, it’s later adopted in season 5 of Star Trek Deep Space Nine (“Rapture”). This uniform features a coloured turtleneck undertunic (with the same departmental colour scheme as in earlier shows) covered by a black jacket with colored bands on the lower sleeves near the cuffs showing the wearer’s division, the shoulders and upper chest of which are ribbed and made of thick, blue-grey material. The communicator badge is worn on the jacket, while rank pins are worn on the undertunic’s collar. With the new uniform came a “Captain’s jacket” variant as seen in First Contact/ DS9. This new vest or waistcoat was introduced aboard starships and space stations. Bearing the same gray, quilted yoke as the duty uniform (extended lower, below the combadge), this sleeveless, low-necked vest allowed the wearer a more casual appearance.

Manufacturing Information

  • Star Trek First Contact Uniform 6Custom milled cavalry twill using synthetic fiber and poly cotton construction.

  • Custom dyed to original colours used from screen-used production pieces.

  • Distinct jacket and pant construction, including “holster” loops to allow for future props.

  • Jacket features hidden zippers at cuffs of jacket, for ease of division switch-out.

Available in Command Burgundy, Sciences Teal, or Services Gold, their Standard Line Uniform uses the custom milled fabric which captures the deep grey of the uniforms, as seen under stage lighting and depicted on screen.


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Sizing for the uniform is available for men in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

Pant/Trouser sizes are available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL

UPDATE: Anovos have now sold all three of the discounted Tiers. The uniform with the waistcoat’s final price will cost $750.00. Act now if you would like to purchase one.

Visit Anovos for more information and to pre-order the uniform

UPDATE: Anovos have now sold all three of the discounted Tiers.The uniform is also available without the waistcoat and will cost $525.00. Act now if you would like to purchase one. Click here to buy this version.

Shipping Estimated time to pre-order fulfillment: February/ April 2015.

Source Anovos