stvgr-era-jumpsuit-fullAnovos have unveiled another new addition to their mighty range of Star Trek costumes, the Star Trek Deep Space Nine/ Voyager Uniform Jumpsuit.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine / Voyager Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit by Anovos

stvgr-era-jumpsuit-front-openedDesigned for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Robert Blackman, the Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit was intended to be a hard-wearing, hard-working uniform. Its design was a direct contrast to the refined, mandarin collared version of the Starfleet Standard Duty Uniform worn on Star Trek: The Next Generation. DS9 was to be a darker setting with a crew that had to contend with hardship and conflict on the edge of Federation space. It was a place where the crew would have to occasionally push up their sleeves and get dirty, and that’s exactly how Chief O’Brien wore it.

stvgr-era-jumpsuit-full-backBy the time the U.S.S. Voyager was lost in the Delta Quadrant, the Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit had been used as the Standard Duty Uniform aboard starships. And while it would be replaced a year later by the grey shouldered, new Standard Duty Uniform (debuted in Star Trek: First Contact), it would be worn by Voyager’s crew during their long journey home.

The Material

  • 100% Grade-Superfine Wool Gabardine for the top yoke, specially dyed using screen used pieces for 95% or greater, color match.
  • Polyester blend with gabardine weave used for body.
  • Hidden Front Zipper construction, featuring pull down as used on screen used pieces.
  • Includes grey-blue cotton/Lycra blend full long sleeve under turtleneck.
  • Specially made shoulder padding, reflecting unique construction of original screen-used Hero uniforms used on set.
  • Unique two-piece belt-band construction and fastening configuration exactly configured as screen used Hero uniform and rarely seen in public
  • Featuring scalloped leg hem with screen accurate external boot stirrups

stvgr-era-jumpsuit-upper-yokeAvailable in Command Burgundy, Ops Mustard Gold, or Sciences Green Teal, their Premier Line Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit uses the same high quality, custom milled and dyed wool gabardine as their TNG Uniforms and duplicated perfectly from the original fabrics, and includes the Uniform Undershirt.

stvgr-era-jumpsuit-upper-yoke-3Sizing for the uniform is available for men and women in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

Currently the uniform will cost $550.00 for the first batch of 25 that is pre-ordered. There are three other pre-sale windows that will be specially priced, so act now if you would like to purchase one.

Visit Anovos for more information and to pre-order the uniform

Source Anovos