Anovos have unveiled the first in a new line of props for it’s Star Trek costume line. The Star Trek Beyond – Type-1B Hand Phaser Kit.

Details follow below

Star Trek: Beyond – Type-1B Hand Phaser Kit by Anovos

Star Trek Beyond Phaser 04This Star Trek Beyond costume accessory was created using 3D scans and reference taken from the original screen-used production assets.

Producing the prop kit in metal (with resin/plastic decorative elements) not only captures the cold solid weight of how a real-world phaser would feel, but is even sharper in detail capture than conventional casting methods. Furthering our commitment to both accuracy and a new level of interactive props, the optional servo upgrade allows you to activate the signature spin-motion feature of the phaser emitter transitioning between “stun” to “kill” settings. The final build of this kit is the closest you will get to the original prop while keeping the feel of an authentic “real world” phaser.

  • This is an unassembled 1/1 prop replica “do-it-yourself” model kit.
  • Kit requires assembly, paint, and finishing.
  • Kit components feature an metal body with resin, ABS, and PVC plastic details.
  • Kit components require trimming, clean-up and physical assembly.
  • Tools and glue are not included.
  • Optional servo upgrade is available. The movie accurate servo allows push button movement of emitter for “stun” or “kill” setting.
  • Basic instructions for assembly are available at


  • Basic Kit: $300.00 USD.
  • Kit with Servo: $400.00 USD.
  • This item is eligible for Payment Plan options.

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