Alice Eve 1In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Alice Eve spoke more about her role as Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness.

“She’s dug, dug in there,” “Dr. Marcus is a weapons specialist with a PhD,” Eve continued. “She’s incredibly intelligent and highly qualified. In the canon, she has Kirk’s baby. In ‘Wrath of Khan,’ she is the mother of his grown son,”

Eve did her homework to play Marcus: “I watched all the ‘Star Trek’ TV shows. My favorite episode was ‘Charlie X,'” she said.

Star Trek Into Darkness Carol Marcus“I also watched all the movies — Patrick Stewart’s and William Shatner’s.” About her director J. J. Abrams, she said, “J. J. is up there with the great minds.”

With starring in Star Trek, she’s about to become a fan-boy obsession for the next thirty years. How does that strike her?

“I wasn’t planning on it,” Eve laughs. “Let’s hope I’m alive in thirty years! Think of Carrie Fisher as the wonderful Princess Leia and the gold bikini. I’m sure it will be a positive thing. I have fun at Comic-Con. I went to Oxford and studied literature, which is very detail oriented. There’s always something to be detail-oriented about. Besides, I’m only one part of a big story.”

Original source Yahoo! Movies