Alice Eve will be starring in the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness. The yet unnamed character she plays has featured in the first trailer.

In a interview with Digital Spy Alice Eve discussed her first impressions of the script, and returning director JJ Abrams’s approach.

Alice Eve STID“The legacy aside, the reality of the experience was a great pleasure,” Eve said. “It was special in every way, because the people who make the movie and are in the movie are all so impressive.”

“The whole script is immaculately written – I read it in one sitting, and I just had the film in my head. It’s that articulate and specific and imaginative.” 

On Abrams, she enthused: “He’s a very intelligent, talented and determined man. Being around him is inspiring, and he engages you – you want to do your best for him, and tell his story in the way that he wants it told.”

The trailer focused heavily on Eve’s Starter For Ten co-star Benedict Cumberbatch, in the role of an unnamed villain described as “a one-man weapon of mass destruction”.

John Harrison 2“On Starter For Ten, the scenes I had with Benedict, I was really incapable of keeping a straight face,” Eve admitted. “He was just so funny, so it was a different experience working with him again. Less comedic!”

9 minutes and a longer trailer will also be released next week before the screening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which opens worldwide on December 13th UK and 14th US.

Star Trek: Into Darkness hits cinemas worldwide on the 17 May 2013 .

Original source Digital Spy