EE British Academy Film Awards - Nominations AnnouncementAlice Eve who stars as Dr. Carol Marcus in the hotly-anticipated science-fiction sequel – has confessed security was so high on notoriously secretive director J. J. Abrams’ film set that she was petrified about letting the manuscript out of her sight.

Speaking after the nominations announcement for the 2013 EE British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards at BAFTA’s London headquarters, Alice told BANG Showbiz:

“I couldn’t lose it! There’s a man that follows you round with your script and you have to give it back straight away. It’s cool though when you read the script all at once because it goes in your head – when you’re locked in a room and there are five men watching you read it…”

Alice has become paranoid about giving too much away about her character – rumoured to be introduced as a love interest for Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) – because the pressure to keep the mystery surrounding the reboot alive is so high.

She laughed: “I’m really nervous all the time about letting something slip!”

Alice was adamant the finished product is worth the wait and says even she was utterly mesmerised when she saw the special effects come together.

“What surprised me was how much I enjoyed it. I think when you go into something like that, when there’s so much financial pressure around it, you think it might be a nightmare to go through. But it really was just a group of us in a room making this film together and building ideas and doing stunts and working things out.”

“Then you watch the film and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, there’s a whole second tier of creativity that these amazing people are doing with IMAX and special effects!’ I think to watch that build has been mesmeric for me.”

Original source Bang Showbiz