Alex Kurtzman recently spoke to CNET about Star Trek: Discovery, it’s first season and staying true to Trek canon.

The story that we have for Season One is really interesting and special – and I think pays tribute to a lot of what Trek has done, and in many ways is doing it in a new way. To have Sonequa and Michelle [Yeoh] as captains [sic] of our ship is really, really exciting and different.


I love stories that are based around strong women, and we have some very strong women on that show. Having Sonequa – she’s a very special, very very special actress – bringing a flavor to the character that I feel like I really haven’t actually seen in Trek, and that’s really really exciting.


Her story is very unique and draws on some really interesting things in Trek lore – I think fans will both appreciate [it] and I’m certain [her story] will be the cause of much debate.

Watch the video below for the full interview