Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Lust’s Latinum Lost (and Found) DS9LustInest
Authors: Paula M Block & Terry Erdmann
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Star Trek: DS9
Released: 1st September 2014

The plot concerns Quark’s attempts to acquire the exclusive rights to a very steamy holonovel for his bar/Ferengi Embassy that has recently reopened on the new station that replaced Deep Space Nine which is failing – badly!

Desperate, he travels from the Holo-Palooza on Wrigley’s Pleasure Planet (think holonovel comic-con!) to the offices of holonovel publishers Broht and Forester (Gotta be an illusion to Star Trek novel producers Simon and Schuster!) with his new Ferengi apprentice Shmenge in tow in his attempts to locate the mysterious author of the program.

The story is in fact a semi-sequel to the seventh episode of the second season of DS9: Rules of Acquisition and there are a lot of twists and laughs along the way.

Being a novella the story doesn’t outstay its welcome with a fast pace and a very fun tone. It actually makes a brilliant respite from all the political navigating and invasion rebuilding efforts of other Star Trek novel stories. I actually think that this eBook novella format works perfectly for Quark and this kind of story. Quark has had a relatively low profile in the Star Trek book line since the relaunches and these stories are really making the effort to include not only him, but stories with a different tone, with a definite sense of fun.

Like all of the best Ferengi stories (my favourites being the episode ‘Little Green Men’ and the absolutely brilliant David R George novel ‘The 34th Rule’ – seriously guys, check it out!) the story leads itself perfectly to a sequel….


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Rules of AccusationRules of Accusation
Authors: Paula M Block & Terry Erdmann
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Star Trek: DS9
Released: 4th July 2016

The plot this time concerns Quark’s attempt to strengthen his beloved profits by having another dedication ceremony for his embassy despite the fact it already had one on the old station. After picking up from a thought by Chief O’Brien, he has the idea of his brother Rom (now the Grand Nagus of Ferenginar) to bring the original ‘Rules of Acquisition’ scroll to the ceremony as an incentive for people to attend.

This being Quark, you just know it’s not going to be long before his careful plans go awry, (indeed Odo even points out that this seems to be a pattern with Quark) and indeed they do as during the ceremony the scroll is stolen and the story becomes a fun ‘who done it?’

Of the two novellas, Rules of Accusation was definitely my favourite. We spend more time in the bar, more members of Quark’s family are involved in the story and I just love the way Block and Erdmann write the different dynamics between them, especially the relationship between Quark and Rom.

Both novellas are written by Paula M Block & Terry Erdmann, authors of several Star Trek reference books including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion and the Secrets of Star Trek: Insurrection among many others. These novellas are a perfect testament to the duos ability to write prose fiction. Both stories fly past at a quick pace and have several moments that had me smiling – as any good Ferengi story should. I would certainly welcome, and am actually hoping for more Quark stories from the duo.

These stories aren’t changing the landscape of Star Trek fiction and nor are they trying to. They are however good stories that shows us Quark getting into misadventures in his never-ending pursuit of profits.

They are fun, interesting, twisty and just a touch smutty – just like Quark himself!